9 April 2017

Logos for icons

I love how the simple, consistent design of these logos completely manages to evoke the cycling races they represent — the “race to the sun” of Paris–Nice:

the out and back of Liège–Bastogne–Liège:

and, most of all, the iconic bone-jarring cobbles of today’s Paris–Roubaix:

Someone at the ASO evidently had a lot of fun working these up!

I was disappointed, then, to see that the Paris–Roubaix logo has changed this year:

By opting to give the lettering a “cobbles” effect it seems somehow too literal now, and far less evocative as a result.

Post-race update: … and the lack of detail at small sizes rendered the typography completely nondescript during TV coverage of the race:

Image credits: Logos from Wikipedia and @paris_roubaix; TV stills from YouTube here at 0:56 and 17:31, and here at 2:55 and 3:11.