Book design & production

We set out to produce a high-quality book, in content, style and production, and I am very happy with the result […] It is now more than five years since I first came across BBR and [printers] Gutenberg, with my LUP Birds in Cheshire and Wirral; I was very pleased to revive that partnership for Fifty Years of Cheshire’s Wildlife, and would be happy to recommend the partnership of BBR and Gutenberg to any author.

David Norman, editor

We’re passionate about typography, and have a reputation for creating clean and elegant layouts in both mono and full colour.

Large-format illustrated titles have included histories of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal and the city of Manchester:

… and wildlife atlases with hundreds of maps, photos and tables:

At the mono and monograph end of the spectrum, we provide contract typesetting to trade and academic publishers, working within established house styles and templates. Some of these volumes have run to 1,000 pages or more:

Bespoke design in this format has included side-by-side parallel translations:

… and volumes of edited and annotated correspondence:

Please browse our Output section for more detailed examples of our book design work.

Enhanced typesetting

Before commencing a proofread or copy-edit, we run spellcheck and editing prep scripts to highlight potential problems. These range from the mundane (such as space missing after punctuation) through to predictable errors in more than 2,000 common words, compounds and phrases, making it straightforward to work through the text to fix what’s necessary.

The scripts are sensitive to UK and US English as appropriate, and provide for publisher-specific style preferences and word lists.

Together, these script-based checks provide a valuable layer of quality control at a fraction of the cost of a full edit and comprise a realistic halfway house between typesetting only and a full editing/setting package — ideal for situations where a book has been edited prior to submission and just needs a quick audit for publisher house style, spelling, etc.

Prices start at £2.50 per 1,000 words, or roughly £1 per page for a standard academic monograph.

Project management

BBR’s organisation and professionalism was greatly appreciated by our authors. We were able to delegate the entire production process to BBR, and all we had to do was sign the print order at the end. An excellent service.

Liverpool University Press

Combine book design and production with our editorial services for full project management all the way from typescript to finished book.

You can rely on BBR to:

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