Although we’re primarily a digital business rather than a manufacturer or retailer of products, we still take packaging very seriously: there are plenty of secondary functions and activities where our choices can make a difference.

As designers and editors

Designing and editing forms the bulk of our work, and in this we serve proofs and final artwork electronically by default. On the very rare occasions where hard copy is required, we reuse cardboard mailing cartons received with incoming deliveries from suppliers such as Amazon. We trust the recipient to reuse or recycle that carton as appropriate thereafter.

As print brokers

We expect our printers to use packaging that is most appropriate for the safe delivery of finished goods to the client.

Office admin

BBR Distribution

Our legacy mail order business, BBR Distribution, is inactive and in the process of being wound down. For the occasional order that we may still receive in the meantime, we either reuse cardboard mailing cartons received with incoming deliveries, or padded envelopes still remaining from when the business was active. At the end of the winding-up process any packaging bought new but still unused (such as poster tubes, padded envelopes, and larger cardboard cartons for courier and palletised deliveries) will either be sold or donated to someone who has a use for them, or recycled using local facilities.

Photo credit: Tania Melnyczuk on Unsplash