Cycling in Northumbria: 21 Hand-Picked Rides

Bradt Travel Guides (2023)
178x115mm, 232pp

Work carried out: development edit, proofreading, copy-editing, author liaison, picture research, page design and make-up

Although we were working with an established series style, this job nonetheless required considerable design input.

We were responsible for photo choice and placement (including sourcing stock photography of specific locations to complement the author’s own images), creating variation in chapter starts and ensuring that, as far as possible, feature boxes and in-text photos appear adjacent to where those subjects are mentioned in the text.

Because the text has generally short paragraphs, particular attention was given to making the copy fit cleanly to the bottom of every page, with photo choice and sizing used to avoid unnecessary white space at the end of each chapter.

As project managers we also liaised with the author through every proof stage, processing queries and acting as the point of contact with the publisher’s house cartographer, David McCutcheon.

Many thanks […] in particular to my editor Chris, who did a superb job.

The author in the acknowledgements

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